Sparta Accessories of Electric Lock Pick Gun with 2 Tension Wrench and 18 Long Needles
Sparta Accessories of Electric Lock Pick Gun with 2 Tension Wrench and 18 Long Needles

Sparta Accessories of Electric Lock Pick Gun with 2 Tension Wrench and 18 Long Needles




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This package offers the accessories of the electric pick gun in the lock pick kit. It's one part in electric lock pick gun, with 2 tension wrench and 18 long needles. All accessories hold in 1 long round box to keep safe and easy to manage the item.

In addition to the electric pick gun, you can also use it for the other lock pick guns.

When you don't enough needle to use or lost some tension wrench in your hand tools, you should buy it again.


  • Thickness: .035 in
  • Material: Stainless Steel

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